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A. Before the test

  1. Can I open the test link now and give the test later?

    You can open the test link; however, your test does not start unless you click on the Start Test button. In many cases, the test links have a predefined time, and you will only attempt it within that time. Once you start the test, the timer cannot be paused.

  2. Can I give the test in intervals?

    No. The test has to be given in one go.

  3. Do I have to take the test immediately after receiving the test invitation?

    Most of the tests have a predefined time. You have to appear for the test within the specified time frame. If you need to reschedule your time and date, please contact your test administrator.

  4. Do I need to install any software to take the test?

    No. You only need a supported browser. You don’t need to install any applications or browser plug-ins. Please check our hardware specifications here.

  5. What browsers are supported

    Browser compatibility works best with
    browser compatability

  6. I cannot access the test; it is saying, “Test should be attempted within test limitation time.”

    Most recruiters ask the candidate to write a test within the restricted time only. If you miss the time frame, you will not be able to give the test and contact the recruiter to reschedule the test.
    Note: Time is mentioned in the invitation email.

  7. Why is the camera needed for the test?

    Our tests have an image proctoring feature, which generates images of the candidate when the test is attempted. The recruiters use this feature to make sure that the candidate does not cheat. Besides this, your test may have Video Interview questions; this requires a camera and mic.

B. During the test

  1. Can I view all the questions in the test before answering?

    Yes, however, this option may or may not be provided by your test administration. You can only move to the next question in a single view question test if you answer or skip that question. In multiple views, you can switch between the questions and even mark a question for review.

    during test single question
  2. What are the different color codes for questions? color codes

    You can also use the filter to switch to Unanswered Questions, Marked for review, and answered questions.

  3. The test has stopped working, page not responding; what do I do?

    Typically this can happen due to loss of internet connection or server failure. You can close the browser and click on the link again to restart the test—the test restarts from where it was stopped. Your earlier data will be saved. If the problem persists, you can write to us at with your issue.

  4. My test was terminated for window/image violation; what do I do?

    Usually, your recruiter or test admin sets a window/image violation limit. This means that if you open another window when the test is being attempted, your test will be terminated. Similarly, the test will be terminated for image violation. The termination of the test depends on the limit set by the recruiter.

    If this happens, you can request your recruiter for a reattempt of the test. Please note only the recruiter /test admin has the right to reschedule your test. In case there is no window violation, and still, you faced issues while giving the test, please write to us at [email protected]

  5. Can I see my answers and result immediately?

    No. After the test completion, the test admin may opt to send you the test score.

  6. What if I run out of time?

    Your data(answers) up to that point will be submitted. You will be assessed based on that.

  7. I have submitted a section and want to modify one answer. Can I do it?

    No. Once the section is submitted, you cannot revisit it.

C. Coding FAQs

  1. Can I select the coding language for the test?

    Yes. However, this depends on the options decided by your test administrator. If the test admin has selected multiple languages to choose from, you can write the code in the language you want. You can select the coding language from the drop-down menu.

  2. Can I change the coding language in the middle of writing code?

    You can, but the previously written code will be lost.

  3. I clicked Compile and Run, and it worked fine. Does that mean I will score 100 %?

    Clicking Compile and Run only verify whether your code compiles and returns the correct result for the example test case. You need to make sure that your code works correctly and efficiently with all possible inputs.

  4. How do I save my code?

    Code is automatically saved in our platform.

  5. What if I run out of time?

    Your code up to that point will be submitted. You will be assessed based on that.

D. Other FAQs

  1. How do I reschedule my test?

    For Rescheduling the test, an applicant has to contact the test admin. (Recruiter who has asked you to take the test.) Only the test admin has the right to reschedule your test.

  2. Can I reattempt the test?

    It depends on the test administrator. They might allow or disallow the test reattempt.

    Also, watch

    In case of any other query, please contact [email protected]